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Psychological & Social Work Services

At The Children’s Center at UCP Psychological and Social Work Services are integral components of the multidisciplinary team approach. Psychologists and Social Workers collaborate to assure that all students and their families have access to the support and assistance they might need. A variety of services are provided to meet the needs of children and their families including: initial assessments, behavioral observations, functional behavioral assessments, behavior intervention plans, play therapy/student counseling and parent counseling.

What types of accreditations are required of Psychologists and Social Workers?

All Social Workers and Psychologists at the center are graduates of accredited university degree programs, and certified/licensed by New York State. Our Psychologists and Social Workers have a broad-based knowledge and expertise in development.

Psychological & Social Work Services

What is the difference between the role of a Social Worker and a Psychologist?

Psychologists assess a child’s development over all domains, (i.e. cognition, developmental skills, emotional levels, and behavioral levels) administering a variety of testing tools and interpreting results. At The Children’s center, both Psychologists and Social Workers deliver a range of services to children and their families. Student counseling, parent counseling, initial assessments, behavioral observations, behavioral assessments, and intervention plans are some of the services that Psychologists and Social Workers offer.

How do I get in touch with my child’s Social Worker or Psychologist?

You may contact your child’s Psychologist or Social Worker at any time to discuss any concerns you might have. Call the main phone number and ask to be transferred to the Psychologist or Social Worker assigned to your child’s classroom.